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I-88 Speedway (6/19/15)

I-88 Speedway – 6/19/15

Make Up Feature from Previous Week:

Starting Position – 7th

Finishing Position – 7th

Summary: After suffering a right rear flat tire on lap 11, Andy was able to make it back to where he started for a solid top 10 finish.

Regular Event Feature:

Starting Position – 8th

Finishing Position -3rd

Summary: Andy finished the night with a solid top 3 finish after starting 8th.  Andy and crew went with a harder right rear tire compound and after the race came to the conclusion that they could have gone softer and would have been better.

Lebanon Valley Speedway (6/13/15)

Lebanon Valley Speedway – 6/13/15

Starting Position – 13th

Finishing Position – 4th

Summary: After starting in the middle of the pack, Andy was able to dice his way through the field and get to the 4th position when the checkers flew.  Andy and crew were very happy with the car and have made gains each week with the new big block car.

I-88 Speedway (6/12/15)

I-88 Speedway – 6/12/15

Racing was cancelled after the heat races due to heavy rains at the speedway.