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I-88 Speedway (6/17/16)

I-88 Speedway – 6/17/16

Starting Position: 9th

Finishing Position: 1st

Summary: Andy worked his way into the top 3 quickly and started to pursue the leaders.  On the last lap he was able to get by Mike Clapperton and take home his 4th win at I-88 Speedway so far this season!

I-88 Speedway (6/10/16)

I-88 Speedway – 6/10/16

Heldover Feature from 6/3

Finishing Position: 1st

Summary: Andy restarted the heldover main event from last week in the 4th position on lap 12, and made quick work of the top 3 runners and took the lead within the first few laps when the race resumed.  He went on to win by over a 4 second margin on Mike Mahaney.


Regular Scheduled Feature

Starting Position: 12th

Finishing Position: 2nd

Summary: Andy started 12th in the regularly scheduled main event for the evening and quickly made his way towards the front.  When it was all said and done he came home in the 2 spot.  He said after the race he may have made the wrong call on tire compound and felt if he had different tires on he would have been more competitive for the win.

Ultimate Outlaw 50 (6/8/16)

Ultimate Outlaw 50 – Outlaw Speedway – 6/8/16

Starting Position: 3rd

Finishing Position: 3rd

Summary: Andy started 8th in his heat race and raced his way into the redraw by finishing 3rd in the heat race.  He redrew 3rd for the main event and also finished there.  Him and Erick Rudolph and Stewart Friesen battled for 2nd and 3rd most of the even with Andy coming home in the 3rd spot.