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I-88 Speedway (7/22/15) Crazy Eights

I-88 Speedway – 7/22/15

Starting Position – 1st

Finishing Position – 2nd

Summary: After a late race caution and a possible scoring error, eventual race winner Stewart Friesen was able to get by Andy with 5 laps to go making the Wild Child have to settle for 2nd.

Lebanon Valley Speedway (7/11/15)

Lebanon Valley Speedway – 7/11/15

Make up Feature:

Starting Position – 13th

Finishing Position – 8th

Regularly Scheduled Feature:

Starting Position – 25th

Finishing Position – 9th


Summary: After overheating the motor pretty severely in the first feature, Andy was forced to run Olden Dwyer’s car in the second feature in order to stay in the top 5 in points for the year.  Andy made it all the way to 9th in Olden’s car and was able to salvage what was setting up to be a terrible points night.  Thank you to Olden Dwyer and team for allowing Andy to run your car.

Albany Saratoga Speedway (7/10/15)

Albany Saratoga Speedway – 7/10/15

Starting Position – 21st

Finishing Position – 17th

Summary: Andy started deep in the pack at Malta this past Friday and was able to make it to 17th position after a green to checkers 35 lap main event.  The car was a bit off as far as setup goes and Andy was running a small block against the big block regulars.