Monthly Archives: May 2015

I-88 Speedway (5/22/15)

I-88 Speedway – 5/22/15

Starting Position – 4th

Finishing Position – 6th

Summary: Although not the finish the team was looking for, Andy built on his championship points lead at I-88 last night.  Andy commented after the race that the team had missed the setup a bit for the feature and the track was extremely slick.

Battle of the Bullring 3 (5/19/15)

Accord Speedway – 5/19/15

Starting Position – 10th

Finishing Position – 11th

Summary: Andy started 10th in the 53 lap main event and quickly made his way to the front by getting up to the 5th position.  About halfway through the race the right rear tire started to fade and Andy fell back to 11th and finished there.  He commented after the race that a harder right rear tire compound choice for the main event would have made a big difference.

Lebanon Valley Speedway (5/16/15)

Lebanon Valley – 5/16/15

Starting Position: 17th

Finishing Position: 10th

Summary: After starting deep in the field Andy was able to work his way up to a top 10 finish.  After the race he commented that we had missed the setup a bit and the motor did not feel up to par.