Monthly Archives: April 2015

Gobbler 2.5 Results (5/14/15)

Accord Speedway (The Gobbler) – 5/14/15

Starting Position – 23rd

Finishing Position – 13th

Summary: Andy suffered from a power steering belt failure in the heat race while running in a redraw position for the main event.  The crew was able to fix it and Andy went on to win the consolation race.  He started 23rd in the main event and was moving up until he was involved in an accident.   He came in to change a tire and went back out but the car was never right again.  He held on to finish 13th.

Hard Clay Open 2015 Results

Orange County Fair Speedway (Hard Clay Open) – 4/11/15

Starting Position – 22nd

Finishing Position – 10th

Summary: After a poor draw for qualifying position at the beginning of the evening, Andy was still able to qualify for the main event, starting  in the 22nd position.  Andy picked his way through the field as the car kept getting better and better as the race went on.  When the checkers flew, he ended up a solid 10th place.